08 – Christmas special – EXCLUSIVE interview with Santa & The Round-Robin Letter

Welcome to the Christmas special of The Short Story Cast. A festive podcast for people that love short stories with a Christmassy twist. Hosted by James Winterbottom.

This episode features two stories that have a festive theme. The first is an exclusive interview with Father Christmas. Don’t think that he’ll get an easy ride just because he’s Santa though.

The second story is one of those round-robin letters that smug families have a tendency to send around this time of year, only this family don’t have that much to be smug about.

Language warning

I’d like to warn you that this podcast contains bad language and mature themes. It also plays around with the idea that Father Christmas may not be real. Or is real, but isn’t as nice a guy as you think. Anyway, probably not one to listen to with young children around.

EXCLUSIVE interview with Santa

Father Christmas appears on a hard hitting news show and is grilled about some of the criticisms that have been coming out of the North Pole lately. Are these accusations just disgruntled ex-elves whining to the media or is there a sinister side to old Saint Nick? Listen to the story and make up your own mind.

The Round-Robin Letter

This round-robin letter starts out like all the rest, full of self-congratulatory garbage, but beneath the surface, there are more sinister tones. Listen as the seemingly idyllic life of the author crumbles away as their recap of the year progresses.

Merry Christmas

Thank you for listening and Merry Christmas to all my listeners. I hope that you are all well, wherever you are and whatever Christmas means to you. I’m genuinely humbled by all the people that listen to these stories. I hope you’ve enjoyed them.

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