09 – A Punch In The Face, Persephone Speaks & Faithful Weeds

Welcome to the ninth episode of The Short Story Cast, the penultimate episode of the first series. This one is packed with stories, three to be precise. One by me, James Winterbottom, and two by guest contributors. I hope you enjoy them.

A Punch In The Face by James Winterbottom

A man receives a knock at the door, it’s his punch in the face. He’d voted for it months before but didn’t think it would lead to anything happening. This is a ham-fisted attempt at political satire. Apologies if you’re pro-Trump or pro-Brexit as it may offend your political leanings.

Persephone Speaks by Lynn Bauman-Milner

A fresh take on Greek mythology from Lynn Bauman-Milner. A tale of many headed beasts and family disputes.

You can find out more about Lynn on Facebook, Twitter on her website, darkdoors.co.uk. You can also read her collection of short stories, Dark Doors on Amazon (UK* / US*) or The Book Depository.

Faithful Weeds by Rachel Connor

This is a story about a flat block with feelings. Unfortunately things haven’t gone so well for this block of flats. Find out all about it by listening to the story.

Rachel Connor is a novelist, short story writer, comic book writer and money blogger. You can find her on Twitter or you can check out her blog at itsrachelconnor.com. She’s also written a few Regular Show graphic novels which you can buy on Amazon (UK* / US*), you can find more details on Rachel’s website.


*The links to Amazon are affiliate links, so I make a small percentage on any purchases made through these links.

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