Contribute to Short Story Cast

Would you like to get involved in the podcast? We’re looking for:

  • Short story writers
  • Voice artists, or anyone willing to narrate a short story

While the podcast is in its early days there’s no money available for people who contribute but contributing will give you some exposure and there’ll be a chance to plug whatever project you want in the episode you’re involved in.

Submit short stories

We’d love to hear from writers that would like to send in their stories to be read out on the podcast. Even more so if you’re willing to read your story too. Here are a few ideas about what sort of stories we’re looking for:

  • Length – Roughly between 1,000 and 3,000 words
  • Genre – Any genre or style
  • Finished work – Edited and ready to be broadcast
  • NSFW? – Can include some bad language and adult themes but nothing too extreme
  • A standalone story – Should stand up as a story on its own – chapters from novels are OK but only when they make sense in their own right
  • Production – Nothing too fancy in terms of effects, music or background noise

These guidelines might change over time but the important thing is that we want to feature great writing. If you’d like to get involved then please use the form below to get in touch.

Read out short stories

Short Story Cast is also looking for people to read out stories. You might be an experienced voice artist or a complete beginner, we’re happy to give you a go. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • An interesting voice – You don’t have to be a trained actor but if you can tell a story in a way that makes people want to listen then you’ll be perfect
  • A way to record yourself – It doesn’t have to be too fancy but a method to record you reading that keeps the audio quality high
  • A love of storytelling – You can tell straight away when someone isn’t interested in what they’re reading out. So we need people that love stories and can make that shine through when you’re reading them out

Get in touch

Fill out the form to let us know more about you and we’ll get back in touch within a few days: